“Feel the Power” Award: Humberto Guiterrez

My name is Humberto Guiterrez and right now I am going to tell you a little about myself.

In 2007, I was working in a factory making wooden connectors that were construction materials but I was not doing construction work. My father told me about a company that was hiring. I was not very excited about it, but when he told me how much they were paying per hour and the benefits they were offering, I did not hesitate to become a member of Local 652.

I started working as a Journeyman with Cooper Engineering on a temporary basis and I did very well the first year. The second year was average, but during the third year since I had not yet completed the required 4000 hours to stay as a Journeyman, I decided to enter the apprentice program. I had the choice to return to the training school or stay at home doing nothing, just hoping that work would improve in the company. I decided to move forward (although some do not see this way). As an apprentice, I have worked for several companies, even though they would tell me the job would last for a day or a week or whatever, I never said NO! I was always optimistic and knew that someday I would find something that would last a good long time. And it happened just like that, after having worked for many companies, and especially thanks to God, J.R. Filanc Construction Co., Inc. gave me work for almost 3 years and I had been told that the project would last only two weeks! What if I had said no, so I would not lose my place in line. Well, another small anecdote. This happened just before the last one I just mentioned. I got sent to a company to work for 2 days and I stayed 3 months, this because the project was done, otherwise it could have gone longer. Brothers of Local 652, I encourage your to never say No! A lot of good things happen. Feel the Power and Explode!

Page 8 Jackets & Shirts

Members who attend eight (8) or more General Assembly Meetings in 2019 will be eligible to receive a jacket. Members who attend three (3) consecutive General assembly meeting in 2019 the first quarter as follows January- March, the second quarter April -June and the third quarter July-September will receive a Laborers’ Local 652 shirts.

2018 Apprentice Graduates

Congratulations 2018 Apprentice Graduates!
Saturday, January 19, 2018

Jose Aguilar
Jose Alejandres
Jorge Arevalo
Osmal Avila
Nelson Avila
Juan Barajas Torres
Freddy Ceja
Andres Cortez
Sergio Davalos Cruz
Ahern De Alba
Juan Diaz
David Dipietrantonio
Jonathan Ergueta
Miguel Espinoza
Alberto Fernandez
James Ferris
Sandy Figueroa
David Garcia
George Garcia
Francisco Garibay
Raymond Gaw
Joshua Gonzales
Rafael Guillen
Luis Guillen
Adalberto Hernandez
Jose Hernandez Juare
Ignacio Huitron
Jesus Ibarra Lopes
Joshua Jimenez
Drew Lafond
Jacob Lara
Guillermo Lemus
Jonny Lopez
Anibal Lopez
Rolando Lopez
Alfredo Lopez
David Lopez
Israel Lopez Leon
Danny Lorenzo
Daniel Mantecon
Constantino Memije
Alfredo Mendoza
Jesus Morales
Javier Nicolas
Alejandro Ochoa Cuevas
Edgar Orozco Lopez
Victor Perales
Nicholas Perez
Phillip Pinon
Vince Ramirez
George Ramos
Jonathan Reyes
Sergio Rivera
Johnny Rojas
Carlos Salazar
Elias Sanchez
Michael Sebreros
Albert Solorio
Eder Soto
Adrian Tapia
Kevin Tenorio
Tan Tran
Nalesoni Tuitavuki
Kinney Uribe
Israel Urrutia
Armando Valladares Cast
Luis Vargas
Luis Velasquez
Martin Viramontes
Nathan Zamora